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Introducing my new line titled "Shanks alot"!!!!!

This is a really killer piece of chrysocolla in cuprite, and the markings are fantastic. Set in sterling silver, the shank is one of a new series that I am calling "Shanks alot". Mostly because this shank is SUBSTANTIAL. It is very thick, and very comfortable and very unique. The stone extends slightly over each of the neighboring fingers. Size 7 1/2. ----R501676----$510

The second of my "Shanks alot" series, this one has a gem grade cabochon of natural turquoise from the Candalaria mine in Nevada. The stone has a very alluring soft green coloration and has been neither stabilized nor color shot. Size 7 1/2. ----R501686---$550
Yumm. Again with the "Shanks alot" series. This one has a wonderful off rectangular shaped cabochon of boulder turquoise from the Royston mine in Nevada. It is all natural and really excellent. I made this one very generous for a man's hand. As with all of the "Shanks alot" line so far, the stone sits left to right rather than top to bottom. Size- Bigger than a 12 which is as large as my ring sizer has!!! However, at a guess I'd say a
13-13 1/2. ---R501687-----$575
Excellent color combination of the soft cool tones of Colorback variscite and carnelian. Colorback variscite is in the same famiily as turquoise, just with more green than blue. A very hard, very nice stone. Set in sterling silver and designed to hang from a fairly small hard or flexible snake chain (best, although others will work). Approximately 3 inches tall. ----P561050-----$340

Another great introduction to a new series of rings, I'm calling this design "Sediments". Sounds kind of odd, but the mokume' patterning reminds me of sedimentary levels, so there you go. :o) Mokume' gane means "woodgrained metal" in Japanese, and it is basically made using the same techniques that were used to make the old Samurai swords. The shank is quite wide, and this ring has a striking cabochon of Koroit opal set in it. Size 7 3/8 (just a smidge under 7 1/2). ---R501678---$550

This just might be my signature piece in my "Sediments" line. I will have variations on it, mostly in the stones that are set (like the one above), but it pretty much exemplifies what I want to show in the line. Centered above all else is the great cabochon of gem silica, and it is killer. Setting it off is the bezel again made from Mokume' gane. The very wide shank is comfortable and easy to wear. Size 8 1/2. As with all wide bands, you should wear a lightly larger size than you would wear with a narrow band. Degrees vary depending on individual preferences, but I would suggest 1/4 to 1/2 size increase. ---R501688---$575

An ancient Roman coin that I was told was from the time of Christ. Bezel set in 18kg gold with sterling silver back setting and 14kyg bail. The back is open so that the coin is visible from both sides. ---$345-------#040347

Remember to check back often for new additions. Hopefully changes will be updated every 3 to 4 weeks.

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