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Hello to everyone that has taken an interest in my web site. My name is Carol Weidman, and I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself. Most important to you, probably, would be my love of jewelry dating back as long as I can remember. But did I make that an early career choice? No! Instead I worked for and finished both a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's in Microbiology. I worked in my chosen field of Electron Microscopy for five years before I decided that my newborn baby needed me more than the field of research did.

When my son was two I started learning everything I could about stained glass. That has been a continuing aspect of my business for over 15 years now. For anyone that might not know, stained glass can be very consuming work, especially where large church windows are concerned.

I wanted something to put my creative tendencies into that was fulfilling, but wasn't as daunting as a major stained glass project can be. In stepped custom jewelry. Finally! I could work in a field that had held my heart since I could remember. So many of the techniques used in jewelry fabrication are very similar to those used in stained glass work. First I learned about cutting stones. I bought a used cabbing machine and I haven't looked back since.

But... Now I had all of these lovely stones that just spoke to my heart. And designs in my mind that kept me awake at night. But trying to get a traditionally trained jeweler to construct what I had scribbled onto paper was not working! So next came metalsmithing. Thank goodness you can not see the number of pieces that I have melted into sludge. And now I am getting to see "in the flesh" what I had only seen mentally before. I love every day of doing this, and I hope that you love what is here as well.

"Pick the stone that speaks to you. If it turns out that it is a stone that you would traditionally not choose, it might be that the stone is speaking directly to you, and you only need to remember to listen."

Each stone that speaks to me gets a custom built frame of metal to hold it and nurture it into perfection. The stone comes first, and then the metal. And each one is different and unique. Some stones are more demanding about the specifications for their "abode" than others. Listening takes practice. Each day I learn more. And experiment. I hope you enjoy the results of my passions.

Please feel free to give me a call or drop a note by if you have any questions or comments or pieces that you would like to discuss.

Carol Weidman


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