Orvil Jack & other Turquoises
I am so sorry that I have to share this with you, but Grace Wintle lost her battle with cancer on August 13th, 2007. She will be missed so very much by all of her friends and family. In this time of sorrow, please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. I will try to get a photo posted of her that I think is pure Gracie. Until then, please enjoy the following information about her mine, her family, turquoise and father.
Turquoise. What is it? CuAl6(PO4)8 4H2O. Ok, it is an absolutely beautiful stone that has been incorporated into jewelry and decorations since more than five millenia before the Christian era. Its blue coloration is derived from the copper and aluminum contained in it. As other minerals replace these, color changes occur. The screaming green turquoise found in the Blue Ridge mine (sometimes called the Orvil Jack mine) is among the rarest. Just left is a picture taken of the mine in northern Nevada. The mine was founded by Orvil and Bessie Jack in 1956.
The Orvil Jack Mine
Veins and chunks of unmined Orvil Jack

Orvil Jack discovered the bright green turquoise in his mine in the mid 1980's but always preferred the bright blue stone also found there. Since then, it is the "Orvil Jack" turquoise, the bright green, that has come to be in such demand. This neon green stone has zinc replacing the other metal elements to varying degrees. Because this particulare stone is found only in the Blue Ridge mine (or Orvil Jack mine) it has become extrememly collectible. At the left is a picture taken at the mine with a hand pick standing next to and below some of the bright turquoise.

Premium gem grade Orvil Jack
Today, Orvil Jack's daughter Grace is in charge of the mine, and the family mines for a week or so each summer. The only turquoise that is sold is natural, with no dying, stabilization or treatment. What this means to the customer is a hard stone that is worthy of being passed on as a family heirloom. The rarity of the stone as well as the hardness and quality make it a collector's find. The bright speciman of Orvil Jack turquoise pictured at left is a prime example (it is also not available for purchase by the public).

All colors of turquoise are valued, different colors by different people. It is strictly a personal preference based on what conversations each stone carries on with its owner. From the sky blue turquoise of the Kingman mine to the Screaming green of the Blue Ridge mine, they all are stunning. The best qualities make the best stones, and therefore the best jewelry. Each piece on this website is cut to best accent the stone, and then the jewelry is designed around the stone. Left shows the artist's own Orvil Jack bracelet accented with trillion cut tanzanite. Ahhhhhhhhhh... love those colors...

Special thanks to Grace for allowing the use of the information and pictures found within.

If you are interested in buying Orvil Jack or other gemstones or jewelry, be sure to check out the entire site starting with the home page. And please feel tree to enjoy a few pictures of the Artist's personal collection of Orvil Jack, including the pendant "Bessie's Tear", all below.

Orvil Jack and tanzanite bracelet in 14k yellow gold
Metallic green Orvil Jack Ring
Artist's Orvil Jack Earrings
Bessie's Tear- Orvil Jack pendant
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