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Each of the opals above goes to a whole new page of opals. I will save the opal lecture until a later date for an informative newsletter issue. For now, I will basically keep to these categories. Some of my opals have been appraised. I never appraise my own stones. I feel like this can be so misleading, especially with opals. Judging opals can be largely subjective, and I want you to know that a trained GIA certified gemologist has done the appraisals with no bias from myself. Those stones that I have had appraised are the ones that stand above the rest in fire and color. They are superb stones. Others may be just as beautiful, but for one reason or another I didn't feel like they were as valuable as others. Plus I simply can't afford to have them all appraised. :o)
Opals are very difficult to photograph because it is the light moving across the surface of the stone that creates the image of moving fire. If you see something that you are interested in, let me know and I will take a whole slew of pictures and forward them on to you.
And I hope that you enjoy these pages as much as I have enjoyed cutting the stones that grace them.


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