Sculpted Fine Silver
A papoose!!!! Created completely in fine silver, this papoose is ready for a safe ride. The front of the wrap is decorated with 22k gold fusion bonded to the silver via the Keum boo technique and directly overlays an impression of cedar twigs. The back of the papoose has pierce work of the river of life, and the entire piece is patinated to a lovely red/blue color. High spots will eventuall wear to a high silver polish. About 1" tall, plus the bail. ---$320----#FS460936

Triangular in shape, domed and backed. Cutouts on each of the two top corners allow a thin flexible sterling chain to pass through (included). The pattern is created from pine bark, and the color is a chemical patina that should wear well. When rubbed all high areas will polish to bright silver. Made of fine silver, the gold blaze is 22k gold fused to the fine silver by a Korean technique called Keum boo. About an inch to a side, priced at ---$200----#FS460932

This beautiful "donut" is about 1 1/4 inches in diameter and sculpted in fine silver with a sterling bale. The bright colors are a patina, so high spots will wear to silver color in time, leaving the bright hues everywhere else, drawing the eye. The gold is 22k gold that is applied with a fusion technique that is called Keum boo. ---$185-------#FS460934
Fine silver tube bead treated with a patina to add rich coloration to the background while the vines and flowers are left untreated. About 1 1/2 inches long. Tie dyed 18 inch long leather thong and sterling lobster claw fastener included. ----$124---------#FS531016
Another sculpted fine silver piece, this time a ring set with a great natural black opal weighing 1c. The ring is granulated and has calla lily flowers resting on both sides of the centra medallion. The patina has great blue and burgundy tones, and all of the high areas will wear to the bright silver! Size 6. ---$800--------#FS531020
How's this for making a statement?!! This all natural Bisbee turquoise boulder is set into a killer sterling and fine silver bracelet adorned with heavy texturing, reticulation and silver grape vines and leaves. Made for the smaller wrist, and one of a kind! ----$695---------------#B490973.


Second Runner Up Award for Colored Stone's Favorite Jewelry Designer- 2006
Chosen from 20 finalists in International online competition.

Second Runner Up Award for Colored Stone's Favorite Jewelry Designer- 2005
Chosen from 19 finalists in International online competition.

Selected for Judging- 2005 Port Warwick Art Show- Two pieces

Purchase Award- 2005 Seawall Art Show

Fourth in Show- 2004 Seawall Art Show

Purchase Award- 2003 Seawall Art Show

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