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2006 Colored Stone Magazine- Favorite Designer- 2nd Runner Up!!!

2005 Colored Stone Magazine- Favorite Designer- 2nd Runner Up!

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Designer Jewelry
Each and every piece of jewelry starts with a custom cut stone and/or design. No two pieces are ever created exactly alike. Organic visions within the piece are so important, and it should always invoke a different feeling, never be static. Award winning designer Carol Weidman allows each setting to speak for itself, and hopefully it will also speak to you.

American turquoise jewelry

Such a small percent of the turquoise on the market is natural. Natural means just that, it has been neither chemically stabilized or dyed. And even less turquoise is from American mines. Through a series of fortunate coincidences I have become great friends with several of our American turquoise miners, and they, in turn, have introduced me to others. I am thrilled that I can say, without any doubt, that I know where my turquoise is coming from, specifically which mine, and that it is completely natural. And I have acquired considerably more than I can personally wear. I hope that I have what you are looking for, or if you do not see it included on these pages, please contact me. I have so many stones that I don't have the time to picture them all. Below is a list of only some of the turquoise that I have represented.

Blue Ridge
Orvil Jack
Dry Creek
Carico Lake
Northern Lights
White Buffalo
New Lander
Green Tree

Australian Opals

There is nothing more glorious than an Australian opal with vivid fire. These precious opals are famous both for their beauty and their hardiness. Desirable fire colors and base colors are both available, each hand cut to best bring out their own beautiful statements. Never is some portion of the stone sacrificed for a calibrated cut. Base colors available include black, crystal, black crystal, white, semi-black, and boulder opals. The fire colors are limited only by one's imagination. Please contact me if you don't see specifically what you are looking for. Mines include (but are not limited to)

Coober Pedy
Lightning Ridge
Southern Cross
Olympic Field

Drusy (or druzy) is essentially the fine crystal array that you sometimes happen upon on the inside of a geode. When it is of fine enough quality, and small enough crystal size, it is suitable for use in jewelry and it is called drusy. Every single facet of each crystal catches the sunlight, and it can be some of the most fabulous jewelry you could ever hope to see. As in any stone, there are many qualities and many colors. I try to only use the best and the brightest. Each stone is set to keep the crystals safe.
Natural Selection
No, that doesn't refer to Darwinian strengths, but rather to the variety and beauty of the stones I use in my jewelry. Other choices include sugilite, AAA Lapis, Oregon Sunstone, chrysocolla, why, the list is almost limitless. Please let me know if I can find something rare and wonderful for you.
Fourth Place in Seawall Art Show
World Web Award of Excellence
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